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2008- Day 3: The Boat

Tim and Amy and Indi came to visit and they rented a catamaran, so we went out on the bay for a little bit. Turns out that Oscar may be a land lubber, as he was kind of ornery the … Continue reading

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Beach Vacation Day 2: The Waves

Here we take Oscar to the shore to see the waves for the first time. He tries walking on the sand, exploring his boundaries, and trying to stay dry.

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Oscar’s First Beach Vacation: Day 1 The Pool

Here is our first video, where Oscar tries out the pool. Shot with my waterproof helmet cam, we got some great footage of him splashing around and learning to swim. The next step is the beach.

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We’re at the beach

Oscar is taking to the beach quite well. He loves roaming all over our little condo (it’s actually not that little!) He’s digging the pool, and getting used to the sand. He’s not too keen on getting his feet wet … Continue reading

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Oscar learning to walk

Here you can see Oscar really getting the hang of walking. I also introduce to a new toy I named Mr. Pickle Pockets. This is a toy that Maggie is not a big fan of, but as you can tell, … Continue reading

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Oscar eatin’ vegetables

Just some simple, raw video of Oscar eating some broccoli on his own. Good boy!

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Oscar is on the move

I added 20 new pictures to the 11th month folder, but alas, it is over, as Oscar enters his 12th month today! Only one more month until he’s a year old! Check out the pics of him crawling, and making … Continue reading

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Oscar plays with Playmobil, visits carwash

I used Oscar again as a toy testor in this latest video. You can witness his first trip to a carwash, and watch some sweet footage of him pouncing after my new RC playmobil truck. He’s learned to crawl on … Continue reading

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Oscar’s 1st 4th

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Fourth of July

We have a handful of pictures from the party at the Plymires (click to get started). Oscar enjoyed his first fireworks, even if they were a bit loud. We had a good time. And then we had a cook out … Continue reading

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