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Holiday Pics

Here are some holiday pics we got. It was easy to forget to stop and take pictures with all the hoopla, but Baby’s First Christmas was a memorable one… Click this pic to see more

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From his first recorded smile to the laughing and giggling we get daily, here is a montage of Oscar smiling

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Ho ho NO!

Two things added. There are a handful of pics added to the 5th Month gallery, including Oscar’s visit to Santa Claus. And new pics of him eating… but here’s the video… it’s priceless.

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Fifth month

Just a small handful of pictures. We’re going to see Santa tonight, so we’ll have more pics soon. Did you see the two videos we posted yesterday? Fifth Month Gallery added

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Two new videos!

First off, we’re trying to capture Oscar’s laugh on tape. I don’t know what you call this, but it’s close. Secondly, he really likes silly faces and farty noises… And for the second video, we go to pick up Oscar … Continue reading

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Christmas Card woes

Whoever said it was hard to get a great Christmas card photo with a baby was right. Wow! But lucky for you, you get to see all the out-takes… well not ALL the out takes, that’s why they’re called out-takes… … Continue reading

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Trick or Treating (yes I know it’s a month late)

It took awhile, but I finally edited together some of the great footage Maggie got while I was in New Orleans on travel. Here is a video of Oscar visiting her side of the family, trying out his cute cow … Continue reading

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19 new pics from Thanksgiving

I  know it’s been awhile, I was away on business in San Diego, but now I’m back and have lots of photos to share. Click here (or on the image below) to see all of the new ones. They’re grrrrrrrrrreat. … Continue reading

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