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Let’s go to Target!

I am so happy that Oscar can look at toys with me at Target. Joe and I took Oscar to look at the variety of toys. we had a good time. It’s just under a minute, but you can see … Continue reading

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Todd and Oscar

Oscar was sleeping on Todd last weekend, we thought they’d look cuter if they just matched a little bit more

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big weekend with family

We trekked up to the ole farm to spend time with Mommy’s side of the family. Oscar was very excited to see people he hadn’t seen since the day he was born, and loved getting his photo taken. We also … Continue reading

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ready for the weekend

Oscar is chillin’ in his long sleeve T-shirt from Joe and Beth, there are 4 photos there, and Uncle Todd and Aunt Melissa came to visit, Todd even tried the front carrier. Pictures start here

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Oscar and Jackson videos

Two weeks ago I posted pics of Jackson Yeager (and his mom n’ pop Kristian and Sara)’s visit, and our trip to the playground. I finally finished editing the video This first video is what happens when you give an … Continue reading

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future team captain

Here is Oscar in his Future Team Captain outfit courtesy Uncle Casey. He seems to enjoy it. We had a big weekend. We went to Target and Oscar genuinely looked interested in all the toys on the shelves that moved … Continue reading

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goin’ to camp, and check out those jeans

I just added tons of pics from our visit to Manidokan. Click here to see all these pics of Oscar in the woods and we just entered his third month, so that meant lots of shots (he did not like … Continue reading

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mommy’s birthday and Harper’s Ferry

Lots of pictures from Mommy’s birthday weekend. First we got the gang and fam together at Cici’s pizza on her actual birthday. We had a blast and Oscar was able to sleep through the ruckus and part of the pass-the-baby … Continue reading

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look how smart our baby is

Oscar is coming up on being two months old on Thursday, and look how well he’s developing! Well, what can you do? And congrats to John and Corinna Laird who welcomed Channing Nathan Laird into the world on Friday October … Continue reading

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a little messy

This video is a little gross, so viewer discretion is advised…

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