Mobile Site

I’ve put together a mobile site you can check out on your iPhone, blackberry, droid, Windows phone, etc.
You can hold up your smartphone and scan this QR code to go straight there, or you can just type in

On the first page we have the latest tweets, so you can check out if you’ve missed anything since you’ve last visited. Under that is a link to the Tools page. I’m going around finding great tutorials for quick help in the field. I will be adding tutorials as I find them, so keep an eye out for new ones. (I’ll also tweet when I add new ones, so go ahead and follow our twitter feed now while you’re thinking about. And please let me know if you’ve written your own or have a favorite tutorial I can add to that page.

I also have a link to our Facebook page and Flickr group on there in case you’d like to contribute there while you’re waiting in line someplace. And there’s a spot to email me.

Are you showing this awesome mobile site to a friend and they want to get it on their phone? Click on the share button to bring up the QR code, and then they can scan it with their phone.

You can also click on the lens cap logo at the top of the mobile page to visit the regular blog, it’ll just be kind of teeny.

You can add a bookmark to this site on your iPhone homepage (like adding an app) by pressing the arrow box in the middle of the bar on your iPhone browser.

I’ll let you know here when we make updates and improvements. Good luck!

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