Surrounded by the crowd

Nevercap is a state of mind. Never cap your lens, never stop shooting, never stop learning. If you’re a seasoned pro, or just beginning to think about getting your first DSLR, I want to talk to you.

I consider myself an experienced hobbyist transitioning to pro. Whatever I am, I’m still learning and developing as a photographer. I think we all have room for improvement, and I hope I can bring something to the table.

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment on a post, send an email, tweet us, share your photos, experience, questions.

I love talking about photography, the art of photography, the controversies, cool gear to buy, pictures to see, places to visit, great artists, and ways to constantly improve.

My name is Andy Jones, I’m a photographer, a graphic designer, and a Dad. I currently shoot with a Canon 40D. Here is my portfolio. I primarily shoot concerts in the Washington DC area, but I want to get better at shooting portraits/journalistic photos as well.

*Please take care of your equipment and cap your lens when appropriate. It’s just hyperbole. Sheesh.

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